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Mobile Transfer Request In
Account Verification

Transfer Request In and Account Verification enables you to view existing instructions, set up new instructions, and initiate a new transaction request, to quickly move money into Baird via Baird Online using a browser or the mobile app.

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Mobile >
1. Verify Identity

Multifactor Verification

  • Prior to accessing Mobile Check Deposit, you will be asked to verify your identity using multifactor verification

    • There are two methods of verification, receive a code via SMS or call the Baird Online Service Desk  

  • The code will then be entered on your device to complete the verification

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2. Choose Account

Previous Instructions / Accounts on file  

  • You can use existing instructions to submit a digital transfer request

  • Accounts added by your advisor team display without values 

  • You have the option to add a new account using Instant Account Verification (IAV) 

  • After digital verification is complete the account balance displays

  • The balance may be updated as of a previous date 

  • You can update your financial institution link to refresh account values or continue with the request 

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3. Enter Amount & Date

Transfer Request In Limits

  • The transfer request limit is $250k with a minimum of $.01 

  • External account balances display if the account was digitally verified using Instant Account Verification (IAV) 

  • If the external account is not digitally linked, you will be asked to confirm the amount and funds availability

Schedule a date:

  • This is the date you would like the request to be submitted

  • Calendar defaults to current date 

  • You can schedule up to 2 weeks (10 business days) in advance

  • You are unable to select non-business or holiday dates 

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4. Review & Submit

  • You have the ability to edit the transfer request prior to submitting

    • From Account 

    • To Account

    • Scheduled Date

    • Amount

Transfer Review_iphone13prographite_portrait.png
Transfer Confirmation_iphone13prographite_portrait.png

5. Notification & Updates

  • You can view the check Amount, Account, Date/Time, and Status (Pending, Complete, Error)

  • From the app, transfer request activity can be viewed from:

    • Account Activity 

    • Transfer History

  • Email Notifications and My Updates are communicated as the transfer request status changes. 

  • You will receive an email notification when the transfer request is scheduled and another when complete. 

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Verify Identity
Choose Account
Enter Amount & Date
Review & Submit
Notification & Update

Add New Accounts

1) Select/Search Financial Institution

  • Most Popular 

  • Search

    • Enter financial institution by name using keyword search  

    • If there are multiple sites for the same institution, verify the site name and link


2) Verify Identity 

  • Enter User ID and Password 

  • Complete Multifactor or Email Verification by entering the code

  • If unable to verify identity, you may need to try logging in to your financial institution directly before using those credentials  


3) Select Accounts

  • External accounts linked to the selected Baird account


4) Save and Finish 

  • Complete the link account process by selecting Save and Finish


5) Add Accounts to 360 Wealth​​​​​​​

  • After adding an account digitally, you have the opportunity to link those accounts to 360 Wealth 

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Download the App Now!

Baird Online Mobile App Icon Image
  1. Using your mobile device, scan the QR code from your Baird Advisor, or start by navigating to the app store app on your mobile device

  2. Search 'Baird Online'

  3. ​​​​Select the download icon

  4. When the download has completed select 'Open'

    • If you have already registered for Baird Online, select 'Existing User, Sign In Now'

    • If you have not registered, select 'I have at least one Account with Baird'

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