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The NEW Baird Online 
Mobile App

Monitoring your wealth and tracking your financial plan has never been easier
with the completely redesigned
Baird Online Mobile App.​

Mobile >

The Baird Online Mobile App registration process asks a few questions that allow us to connect your account and information safely and securely. By providing this information, you consent to Mobile App user for this purpose.

Note: The information you provide needs to match what Baird has on file for you.

Baird Online Mobile App Registration Step 1 Screenshot Example

Mobile >
Login & Biometrics

  • User ID and Password

  • Biometrics (Face/Touch) Authentication

  • Forgot User ID  - Two Factor Authentication Required 

  • Forgot Password - Two Factor Authentication Required 

Baird Online Mobile App Login and Biometric Authentication Screenshot Examples
Login & Biometrics

Mobile >
Home Screen

  • Probability of Success and Goals

  • Portfolio Summary 

  • Net Worth

  •  Updates

    • The Updates section is positioned to provide clients with contextual information

      • Marketing Content: Baird Digest Overview, Baird Wealth Insights, Weekly Marketing Summary

      • New App Features

      • Maintenance Notifications

      • Secure Documents: provides notification when a new document has been uploaded by the client or advisor

      • Financial Plan: notifies clients when a plan or plan update has been added

      • Email Address Change: client changed email address; specific to BOL

      • Phone Number Change: client changed phone number

      • Missing Information: provide phone number or email address

    • Any new updates are in green and previously shown updates are in black

  • Quick Actions

    • Initiate camera to scan a document and upload to secure Document Exchange for advisor

    • Access Baird 360 Wealth account setup

    • Access Paperless Preferences

    • Access Research - Documents Manager

Baird Online Mobile App Home Screenshot Examples
Home Screen

Mobile >
My Baird Portfolio

  • ​​​​​​Portfolio Graph

    • Adjust timeframe 1 month, 3 months, 6 months (default), 1 year, all time

  • Total Cash / Cash Equivalents

  • Security Value

  • Total Portfolio Value

  • Accounts & Groups

    • My Accounts and groups

    • Add and Edit Groups

    • Add, Edit and Delete Groups

    • Sorting

    • Date, Name, Gain/Loss

  • Portfolio Positions

    • Positions by Category (pie chart)

    • Displays static pie chart representing % assets allocated within corresponding asset category (default view)

    • Positions Allocation by Class

    • Displays static pie chart representing % assets allocated within corresponding asset class

    • Asset Allocation by Class​​​​​​​

  • Other

    • Portfolio Value Card

    • Portfolio Historical Graph

    • Portfolio Historical Graph Details

    • All Positions

    • Portfolio Performance

    • Portfolio Activity

Baird Online Mobile App Portfolio Screenshot Examples
My Baird Portfolio

Mobile >
360 Wealth

  • Net Worth

    • Graph

      • As of Date

      • Assets / Liabilities

    • Total Holdings

    • Cash/Equivalent

    • Total Investments

  • Total Investments

  • Income & Expenses

  • All Accounts

  • Investment Allocation

  • Activity

  • Unenrolled

    • Register / Add Account

Baird Online Mobile App 360 Wealth and Planning Screenshot Examples
360 Weath Mobile

Mobile >

  • Life Change / Without Plan

  • Goals

  • Goal Success Probability

  • Goal Timeline

Baird Online Mobile App Planning Screenshot Examples
Planning Mobile

Mobile >

  • Overview

    • Access in-context help

  • Search

    • Search by symbol across Market Research and Baird Research

  • Markets

    • Market Exchanges & Indices

    • View list of exchanges and indices

    • Market Diaries

    • Sector Performance

    • Watchlist

  • Baird Research

    • Filter search results by Sector, Rating, Analyst, Suitability

    • Sort by: Date, Symbol and Headline, Sector, Rating or Suit

Baird Online Mobile App Research and Market Indices Screenshot Examples
Baird Online Mobile App Market Indices Screenshot Example
Research Mobile

Mobile >

  • Statements & Documents

    • Secure Documents, Statements, Confirms, Client Communication, Performance Reports, Check Images, Tax Documents, Financial Plans, My Uploaded Document

  • Paperless Preferences

    • Benefits

    • Go Paperless for all Accounts

  • Settings

    • Account Profile

      • Personal Information

        • Friendly Name

        • Email

        • Mobile Phone

        • Mailing Address

      • Alerts & Notifications

      • Account Nicknames

    • Security & Sign In Preferences

      • User ID

      • Password

      • Biometrics

    • Policies & Information

    • Sign Out

Baird Online Mobile App Settings Screenshot Example

Access your Baird advisor information at any time to call, map to branch, or share documents!

Baird Online Mobile App Advisor Profile Screenshot Examples
More Mobile

Download the App Now!

Baird Online Mobile App Icon Image
  1. Using your mobile device, scan the QR code from your Baird Advisor, or start by navigating to the app store app on your mobile device

  2. Search 'Baird Online'

  3. ​​​​Select the download icon

  4. When the download has completed select 'Open'

    • If you have already registered for Baird Online, select 'Existing User, Sign In Now'

    • If you have not registered, select 'I have at least one Account with Baird'

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