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360 Wealth Information Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Your online credentials are necessary for two reasons. First, it’s the only way to access your account information directly from the source so that you can work with your Advisor based on your current, comprehensive financial position and state of the market. Second, it’s how we know you’re comfortable with sharing your data with us, and gives you the ability to easily revoke that consent whenever you want.

Who can access my credentials?

Protecting your information and credentials is extremely important to us. These credentials are always encrypted from the time we receive them until we need to present them to the data sources to login on your behalf. They are never stored in “plain text.” Highly sophisticated, rigorously managed hardware-based encryption is used to ensure that access to the credentials and encryption keys is well managed. Nobody at Baird can access your credentials as part of their role and any attempt to do so is prevented, monitored, and addressed.

How are my credentials secured?

Credentials are stored encrypted in our 360 Wealth technology partner’s database and only travel via encrypted channels. Only our technology partner’s application can decrypt the credentials, not a user. All access and activity in our processing environment are controlled, logged, and monitored by a 24x7 Security Operations Center. Any attempt to bypass our security program is detected and quickly addressed by this security team.

How is my data being handled while being transmitted between my financial institutions and Baird?

The process for transmitting data between external financial institutions and Baird Online follows best-in-class industry principles for consent and privacy as well as financial industry best practices for security. Only the data that you have requested is collected and transmitted over encrypted channels, ensuring your confidentiality, availability, and data integrity are met at all times.

What happens if there is a data security incident?

Although very, highly unlikely, please let us know if you have a concern or suspicion that your data has been compromised. The 24x7 Security Operations Center will expeditiously investigate such matters to determine if a data security incident has occurred and, if so, how it happened. We have contractual assurances from our technology partner to ensure you are protected from harm, and appropriate action will be taken in the event of a data security incident.

Can credentials be altered by anyone in 360 Wealth?

No, only you can change or alter your credentials, and must be done via your financial institution’s channels or account management system.

What happens if I change any of my credentials at my financial institutions?

If you change any of your credentials at your financial institutions, we will be unable to access that data until those credentials are updated within 360 Wealth.

Can my Advisor conduct business and/or transactions on my accounts in 360 Wealth?

Absolutely not. The aggregation service is read-only for your Advisor, meaning that data may be read but no transactions or updates can be made through this service.

How do I access the 360 Wealth Terms & Conditions?

If you’re logged in, you can go here

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