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Mobile Deposit

Now available to you, is an intuitive, self-service deposit option.  This 5-Step process empowers you the ability to submit check deposit images digitally, using the Baird Online Mobile App. Get started today by depositing checks using the demo walkthrough.

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1. Verify Identity

Multifactor Verification

  • Prior to accessing Mobile Check Deposit, you will be asked to verify your identity using multifactor verification

    • There are two methods of verification, receive a code via SMS or call the Service Desk  

  • The code will then be entered on your device to complete the verification

2. Choose Account

  • Select your Baird accounts to deposit a check into

  • All owned and open account types are supported with the exception of Beneficiary IRAs.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • To deposit a check into multiple accounts, contact your advisor team

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3. Capture Check Image

  • You will need to allow the Baird Online Mobile App to access the device camera before using Mobile Deposit

  • Check endorsement are not required for Baird deposits

  • Deposit Amount Limit:

    • Single item deposit limit of $250k

    • Minimum deposit amount of $.01

  • Auto Image Capture - Simply hold your mobile device camera over the front and back of the check and align the check within the to capture the images


  • Manual Image Capture - In the event there are issues with auto capture, align the check within the brackets and manually capture the image

capture image.png
chedck image captured.png

4. Review & Approve

  • Review the destination account and amount

  • The amount is auto-captured using the image capture feature and automatically populates this field​​​​​​

  • Adjust the amount if inaccurately auto-captured

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5. Notification & Updates

  • View the check Amount, Account, Date/Time, and Status (Pending, Complete, Error) 

  • An error will display if the deposit was rejected 

  • From the app, deposit history and check images can be viewed:

    • Account Activity 

    • Deposit History

  • Email Notifications and My Updates are communicated as the status of the check deposit changes throughout processing

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Choose Account
Verify Identity
Capture Check Image
Review & Approve
Notification & Updates

Download the App Now!

Baird Online Mobile App Icon Image
  1. Using your mobile device, scan the QR code from your Baird Advisor, or start by navigating to the app store app on your mobile device

  2. Search 'Baird Online'

  3. ​​​​Select the download icon

  4. When the download has completed select 'Open'

    • If you have already registered for Baird Online, select 'Existing User, Sign In Now'

    • If you have not registered, select 'I have at least one Account with Baird'

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